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- The correct domain name spares you a great deal of cash in the long haul. It's likewise expanding its incentive after some time.

- Compared with other promoting tools, a domain is a one-time investment and you can utilize it for a long time. Individuals will recall and discover you after some time.


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Brandable or Keyword Domains?

- A Brand domain name is your business/trade name chosen through improvisation or suggestions, as well as meaningless, made up names. When you select a brand domain, you can choose from acronyms or random words to obtain your own online, identity.

Brandable Trade Names: These domains, by and large, have some connection topically however in terms of their overall vibe they project are much more about developing something memorable that may emerge as an identity all alone.

- A Keyword domain name is a domain chosen by a business, service or product's keywords or phrases. Users of this kind of domain name may get many advantages in SEO as well as help their website visitors easily recall the company's website address.

Keyword Domains: These domains, as the name suggests, include keyword phrases about the subject of your blog or business. That is excellent and factors in much. Use words that recite your trade name, then try with combinations until you find something catchy.

My Story

Nosbig "OGM" Nor

Private Investor - Stockpile Inc - Premium Domains

It was mostly garage and yard sales where I played merchant but because my family was in the flea market business that is where my home base would be. Graduating to larger markets, and working for years in the flea markets of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, round 2001 I took a needed break from local markets and focused on eBay and other sites. Being a musician and songwriter I started selling digital music files on sites that offered the service. 

Around the same time, I started to teach myself DIY web design in which I created websites for the intent of advertising my songwriting. It was my websites that brought on the desire to learn about domain names and eventually start to buy and sell them. Today I have several web stores where domains can be bought with a safe and easy checkout with hassle-free transactions.

I'm a DIY website designer that started to buy and sell domain names some years ago. I buy quality names and pass them on to investors. I hear on a regular basis how domains bought from myself sold for top dollar to investors and end-users at other online markets.

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